If you were looking for a netflix and chill kind of night, you’re very welcome. 


1° The parent trap by David Swift
I mean, Lindsay, come on. 
2° Personal Shopper by Olivier Assayas
3° Sils Maria by Olivier Assayas
4° Still Alice by Richard Glatzer & Wash Westmoreland
5° The Guard by Peter Sattler
6° The Runaways by Floria Sigismondi
7° Welcome to the Rileys by Jake Scott
8° Speak by Jessica Sharzer
(basically the whole filmography of Kristen Stewart) 
9° The Virgin Sucides by Sofia Coppola
10° Love, Rosie by Christian Ditter
11° The Notebook by Nick Cassavetes
12° Grave by Julia Ducournau
13° Los Ojos de Julia (Les Yeux de Julia) by Guillem Morales
14° La Isla Minima by Alberto Rodríguez
15° Perdona si te llamo amor (J’ai failli te dire je t’aime) by Joaquin Llamas
16° HHhH by Cédric Jimenez
17° Dunkerque by Christopher Nolan
I mean, Harry (no fucking way) Styles. 
18° Irrational Man by Woody Allen
19° After the Dark by John Huddles
20° LOL (not LOL USA, this one is tragic.) by Lisa Azuelos
21° L’Arnacoeur by Pascal Chaumeil
22° Romeo + Juliette by Baz Luhrmann
you were not really living if you did not watch this movie 
23° Respire by Mélanie Laurent
24° The pianist by Roman Polanski
25° Mustang by Deniz Gamze Ergüven
26° Imitation Game by Morten Tyldum
27° Everest by Baltasar Kormákur
28° La piscine by Jacques Deray
29° Remember me by Allen Coulter
30° Bernard et Bianca by  Wolfgang Reitherman, John Lounsbery, Art Stevens


Do you often dream to travel the world wearing designer clothes and attempting festivals and djing all night ? Well, me too. But, this dream is reality for it-girls Sama and Haya Khadra, also known as SimiHaze (@SimiHaze on instagram).


Sama and Haya were born on March, 31, 1993 in Dubaï, United Arab Emirates. Daughters of Rula Abu Khadra, founder of the chic The Art of Living lifestyle boutique in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, the girls are of Palestinian heritage, but were raised in London. They began generating buzz when they started scouting for their mom’s store by themselves at international fashion weeks in 2008 at the tender age of 15. In 2011, the twins move from Dubaï to LA in order to attend the University of Southern California and study together, both majoring in film production & fine art. The twins graduated in the top two-percent of their class, wearing Chanel combat boots under their gowns, of course.


At the age of 15, they were spotted at fashion week for their matching street style looks. Perhaps the youngest buyers ever, the girls stand out for their buoyant auburn locks and creative style choices, combining daring designer choices (their favorite is Hussein Chalayan) with colorful vintage picks—and then there’s the fact that they’re a mirror image of one another. However, since moving to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California last year, the Abu Khadras have learned to appreciate the more laid-back vibe of American collegiate fashion, but their favorite designers remain Chanel, YSL, and Jil Sander, and they refer to their style, collectively, as “more dressed-up.”

As the girls were attending fashions shows in Paris, Milan, New York and more, we can wonder how did they juggle their personal and professional life with their studies.
Haya said for Magazine : « We’ve been doing it since we were 15, so we’re quite used to it. We just take our work wherever we go and do it on the plane, in hotels, or even on shoots, etc. Obviously, some teachers were more understanding and lenient than others, but you just have to make it work. We rarely ever let school stop us from doing real-life work because although school is important, I’ve learned so much from being involved in work outside of school. »

After graduating, the girls started performing as Dj’s and, let me tell you, their first performance was one of a kind. At only 21 years old, they attend Coachella Festival to headline major Dj gigs and first stop was deejaying the Paper magazine party with Kylie Jenner.

Since their 16 years old, Sama and Haya are seen everywhere :

Cartier :

Michael Kors :

Harper Bazaar :

The twins are my biggest fashion inso. Although I cannot wear their style for class, I still try to dress like them when I can (for festivals, events etc..) Their looks include formal suits which they wear in a cool, informal way, with a touch of masculine, goth and punk, without forgetting their love for anything vintage: shirts with prints from the Nineties, sleek, colored sunglasses, and a nice complement of Gucci and Louis Vuitton logos. But they also have a pop side, which makes everything more fun, easy and cool: we fell head over heels for their full pink outfits, bunny-shaped bags, brightly-colored hair, and the coolest Sailor-Moon-inspired outfits one could wear for a Chanel fashion show!


Early Summer Playlist !

Ceci est une playlist, plutôt cool pour l’été et vos nuits de débauches sur la plage, ou tout simplement pour rester dans son lit lorsqu’il fait 43 degrés dehors et que votre seule raison de vivre est le ventilateur à coté de vous. Sinon, cette playlist est à écouter pendant vos road trip (ou vos trajets à Monop’), dans vos piscines gonflables, pour dormir ou se réveiller, pour danser ou passer le balais dans le Air B&B à rendre à 8h au plus tard.
Sur ce, bonne écoute.

This is a playlist, pretty cool for summer and wild nights on the beach, or simply to stay in bed when it’s 43 degrees outside and that your only reason to live is your fan next to you. Otherwise, this playlist is made in order to be listened during road trips (or your journey to Monop’), in your inflatable pool, to sleep or to wake up, to danse or to sweep the whole Air B&B that you have to give back at 8 at the latest.
With this, good listening.

Throw Back songs : 
Like a Virgin – Madonna
I Know You Want Me – Pitbull
Hotel Room Service – Pitbull
Les Rois du Monde – Roméo & Juliette

Y’all know, commercial songs : 
Find me – Sigma, Birdy
Attention – Charlie Puth
2U – David Guetta, Justin Bieber
Wild Thoughts – Dj Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller
Switch – Iggy Azalea, Anitta
Brothers – Riles
Mo Bounce – Iggy Azalea
Bad Liar – Selena Gomez
Strip That Down – Liam Payne, Quavo
Malibu – Miley Cyrus
Sneaking – Drake, 21 Savage

Songs you may not know yet : 
Wearing nothing – Dagny
Kiwi – Harry Styles
Timebomb – Tove Lo
Dead – Madison Beer
Keeping your head up (radio edit) – Birdy
Malvada – J.Balvin
Green Light – Lorde

Weird shit I like :
I’m Going To Build Me a Heaven Of My Own – Lightnin’ Hopkins
Summer Wine – Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood
Ne me laisse pas l’aimer – Brigitte
Das Hobellied – Marlene Dietrich
Raw Main Title Theme – Jim Williams

French Rap: 
Béné – PNL
Plata o Plomo – Haristone
Ma meilleure amie – VALD
Eurotrap – VALD

Sad songs : 
Week-end à Rome (Piano-voix) – Julien Doré
Moi Lolita – Julien Doré
Blue – Zayn 

Favorite makeup trends

If you know me, you know I like to go wild with my makeup. I’m always trying to get out of my comfort zone, especially when I’m going out. As a consequence, I’m always trying to get inspiration from celebrities or makeup artists that I like such as Nikki from NikkiTutorials, Chloe Morello, Huda Beauty or even Violette_FR on youtube, which is french makeup artist based in NYC. She is very sophisticated and natural and she inspires me a lot for some every days looks.

Si vous me connaissez, vous savez à quel point j’aime m’aventurer avec le maquillage. J’essaie toujours de sortir de ma zone de comfort, et plus particulièrement quand je sors. Par conséquent, je m’inspire de célébrités ou de maquilleurs professionnels comme Nikki de la chaine NikkiTutorials, Chloe Morello, Huda Beauty ou encore Violette_FR sur youtube, qui est une maquilleuse professionnelle sur New York. Elle est toujours très sophistiquée bien que naturelle et elle m’inspire beaucoup pour des maquillages au quotidien. 

Furthermore, I noticed lately that some makeup looks took over the internet and especially instagram and thus became huge fashion trends. Here are some of my favorite ones; I hope you’ll like some of them and maybe try them out !

En outre, j’ai récemment remarqué que certains styles en termes de maquillages revenaient fréquemment sur instagram et étaient devenus de véritables modes. Voici quelques-uns de mes préférés; j’espère que vous en aimerez certains et que peut-être vous en essayerez ! 







One month ago, the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta, reported an anti-gay purge in Chechnya. According to it, more than a hundred men suspected of being homosexual or bisexual, would be tortured in secret prisons, not far from Grozny, the capital. « Three of them were reported to have died, but according to witnesses, there would be many more, » reports Courrier International.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "chechnya"

According to testimonies collected by the Russian daily, detainees would be tortured and forced to reveal the names of other homosexuals around them-which reminds us of the witch-hunts in the USA.
One victim says he was beaten « several times a day », beaten with polypropylene pipes or otherwise targeted by electric shocks, reports L’Obs. According to the investigation, the abuses would be committed by the police and the army, not by militias.

This wave of repression by the authorities was due to the willingness of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) militants to organize gay pride in several cities in the North Caucasus. An initiative which caused a great controversy. « It was from this moment that the order was given to undertake a preventive cleaning, » the newspaper said. In early April, the New York Times reported rumors of kidnappings of men aged 16 to 50 a few weeks ago in Chechnya, FranceInfo said.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "chechnya gay"

Members of the Russian LGBT network confirmed these persecutions and thus opened an emergency telephone line to help those who could need to be safe and run-away from the country. Currently, the Russian LGBT Network has 3 main aims:

• to evacuate people, whose lives are still in danger
• to attract as much attention to the cause as possible
• to collect the evidence about the mass homicide of homosexuals in Chechnya

According to R.Kadyrov, president of Chechnya, the existence of these prisons is absolutely impossible since there would be no homosexuals in Chechnya:

« You can not stop or repress people who do not exist in the Republic. Homosexuality does not exist here, » he said.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tchétchénie president"
However, Human Rights Watch said in a statement that « the information published by Novaya Gazeta is consistent with the reports recently received by Human Rights Watch from many sources of trust, including sources in the country. Consistency of cases leave no doubt as to whether these events actually took place « .
Chechen homosexuals who fled to Moscow told AFP that they were beaten and detained « in a non-official prison », and today live the fear in the belly of being identified and tracked by their families

Five diplomatic leaders from European countries, including France and Germany, wrote to their Russian homologue Sergei Lavrov to express their « deep concern » over the fate of homosexuals in Chechnya in a letter dated 28 April.

« We call on the Russian government to use its influence on the regional authorities in Chechnya to immediately stop any persecution, to provide assistance to the victims and to bring the perpetrators to justice, » wrote Sigmar Gabriel, Boris Johnson, The Frenchman Jean-Marc Ayrault, the Dutchman Bert Koenders and the Swede Margot Wallstrom. As a matter of fact, German Chancellor Angela Merkel had already asked Vladimir Putin « to use his influence » so that homosexuals could be respected in Chechnya.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tchétchénie homosexuel"
Futhermore, NGOs call on all countries that recognize the rights of homosexuals to offer refuge to the persecuted Chechens. In Canada, LGBT rights groups are calling for emergency visas.



Chanel Fashion Show Autumn-Winter 2017

#ChanelGroundControl. The hashtag printed on the invitations set the tone of what was going to be the next Chanel show. Karl Lagerfeld made a rocket take off under the glass roof of the Grand Palais for a Chanel fashion show strong in glitter, metallic surfaces and astronaut prints. Karl Lagerfeld seems to have been inspired by the spationaut Thomas Pesquet for the Chanel autumn-winter 2017-2018 fashion show, which was held Tuesday, March 7 in Paris, at the Grand Palais. From the launch center N ° 5, the guests were embarked on a one-way trip to the stars. Around an immense rocket, sixties babydolls with the appearance of pretty cosmonauts presented the pieces of the collection ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2017-2018 designed by Karl Lagerfeld.


Unlike the futuristic style of Courrèges or Cardin inspired in the 1960s by travels to the Moon, the models’ outfits were nothing revolutionary but managed to evoke the journey into space in full respect of the Chanel codes.The prints offer a space journey: patterns of cosmonauts passed on X-rays as well as skillfully polarized planets affixed on the muslin of an evening gown or on the fine mesh of a sweater round collar. Quilted and enveloping sets, stoles, also padded and iridescent, like survival covers were wrapped around the models.


And for the classicists, there were essence-of-Chanel tweed suits aplenty, albeit worn over strange little tweed shorts. What’s not to love about an impeccably cut ivory wool pea-coat (for most Chanel clients, that means it will be a perfect fit) or a black mohair jacket piped in white? The closer you looked (tricky as Chanel’s grand spectacles place even the front row some distance from the action), the more there was for Chanel aficionados to wear.


The winter bermuda takes advantage of all this fleece to make a remarkable return; Quilted, leather, tweed, under skirts, suits, associated with glittery tights … It creeps in everywhere, imposes itself like the neo-skirt and matches perfectly with the high boots almost completely covered with glitter. Black tips and heels, declined in gray, pink and gold pay tribute to the iconic Chanel pump shoes; a tribute that is not surprising as the brand celebrates its sixtieth anniversary this year. A small step for some, a big step for the fashion sphere. The pivotal modernity might have been the twist done to stand-up collars, or pencil skirts which were turned into minidresses.

Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp responded favorably to the invitation as well as her first-class neighbors Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams, but also actresses Clotilde Hesme, Elodie Bouchez (seen at the beginning of the Fashion Week at the Saint Laurent fashion show), Karidja Touré, Ludivine Sagnier, Marie-Ange Casta and Mathilde Warnier, and the director Sofia Coppola. Models Alice Dellal, Audrey Marnay, Caroline Maigret, Erin Wasson and Lottie Moss, and singers Lily Allen and Rita Ora completed the prestigious list of guests at the Chanel “take-off center”.

The Chanel Fashion Show was Cara’s first proper public appearence of her newly platinum blonde hair- a big moment, I think we can all agree. Proving her inimitable sense of personal style is as keen as ever, Delevingne is cleverly juxtaposing Supreme shorts (the stuff of teen boys’ dreams) with a prim Chanel cardigan and slack white trousers.




Bonjour à tous,

Aujourd’hui je vous écris, non pour un article, mais pour un projet de voyage humanitaire.

Nous organisons, avec un groupe bénévole d’une vingtaine d’étudiants et professeurs, un voyage humanitaire en partenariat avec l’association « Monde Humain » au profit d’une école de la banlieue de Katmandou, au Népal. Nous allons passer du temps avec les enfants et mettre en place de nouvelles activités comme la musique, la danse ou encore le sport ; mais également aider à l’enseignement.

Image associée
Jusqu’à la veille du départ, début août prochain, nous mettons en place une récolte de fonds afin d’aider à l’autonomie de l’école Bishwa Shiksha Sadan. L’argent récolté servira principalement à la rémunération des professeurs ainsi qu’à l’achat du matériel nécessaire au fonctionnement de cette école : fournitures, ordinateurs, équipements sportifs, etc….

Vous pouvez accéder à davantage d’explications en cliquant sur le lien ci-dessous, il conduit à une plateforme de financement participatif que nous venons de mettre en place. J’espère que cette initiative vous plaira.

La moindre aide nous est précieuse, et si vous ne pouvez pas participer à votre échelle, n’hésitez pas à partager ce message, notamment sur les réseaux sociaux pour permettre une très large diffusion. Nous comptons sur vous !

Lien (à partager!) :

Un grand merci !

Inspiration : Rudolf Noureev

« An escape in the line of the spy novels of the Cold War » René Sirvin.

Between KGA and CIA, truths or fictions, the history of Nureyev overflows with incredible events. Nothing but his youth resembles a film. Nureyev, the fourth child and only son of Hamet and Farida Nureyev, was born on 17 March 1938 on the Trans-Siberian Lake Baikal.

Beast of stage, Nureyev also defrays the chronicle by his sexual appetite. Homosexual, he becomes not only a political icon but erotic. « In the middle of the Cold War and the expansion of mass capitalist culture, he is the right person at the right time, » says Christophe Fiat. « He is emblematic of sexual liberation in the 1960s. Like Jackie Kennedy, but his lovers are men, his escort boys  »

While Kirov Ballet was preparing to go on a tour to Paris and London, Nureyev’s rebellious character and a non-conformist attitude made him an unlikely candidate for a trip to the West, which was to be of crucial importance to the Soviet government’s ambitions to portray their cultural supremacy.
Nureyev was seen to have broken the rules about mingling with foreigners, which alarmed the Kirov’s management and the KGB agents observing him. The KGB wanted to send him back to the Soviet Union. As a consequence, Sergeyev (Kirov’s artistic director) told him he would have to return to Moscow for « a special performance » in the Kremlin, which, of course, was just a pretext to send him back in URSS and punish him for his attitude in Paris. As Kirov refused, Sergeyed told him his mother had fallen severely ill and that he needed to visit her in emergency. Nureyev refused again, believing that on return to the USSR he was likely to be imprisoned.

While Noureev was partying in France, he met up with two of his close friends including the dancer Pierre Lacoste and Clara Saint, , who was engaged to the son of the French Minister of Culture Andre Malraux. Pierre Lacotte, who was at the airport with him says: « He threw himself on me and said, » We’ve just spoken to me, it’s terrible, it’s over…I’m being sent back to the Soviet Union, and I will never dance again. I’m going to end up in Siberia. » However, also monitored from the corner of the eye by KGB agents, Lacotte writes the name and telephone number of C.Saint on a piece of paper that he manages to slip to a stranger. Clara Saint finaly comes, and spots Rudolf sitting at the aiport’s bar. The two agents of the KGB intercept her, but, playing her charm, she managed to coax them by making them understand that she came to bid farewell to her friend.

Clara and Nureyev quickly exchange a few words in English:
« I want to stay here. Please help me! »
She’s worried :
« Are you sure ? »
« Yes, I’m sure. »
On arriving at Le Bourget, Clara had spotted an antenna of the French police on the upper floor, she thus ran to interpellate the french police.
« There are downstairs two KGB guards who want to forcibly return a Kirov dancer to his country, when he does not want it. »
Nonetheless, Noureev has to come by himself to the police. As a consequence, C.Saint leans towards her friends and whispers (in order not to be heard by the guards) :
« Look at the two policemen leaning on the bar. You go to them and tell them you want to stay here. »
Rudolf leapt to his feet and fled at full speed towards the two policemen. Still running, Rudolf shouts to the two Frenchmen « I want to stay in France! I want to stay in France! »

Nureyev trembles with all his members. He sees the two guards of the KGB rushing on him and trying to seize him. In Russian, they cry to the kidnapping, but the two French policemen do not let themselves be impressed.
They drag the star of the Kirov into a room to ask him to think carefully about his decision. Noureev hesitates for 20 minutes. If he pushes the door through which he entered, he is recovered by the two Soviets with no other hope of getting out of Russia.
If he pushes the other door behind which the two Frenchmen are waiting for him, it is freedom, but also the loss forever of his mother, his country, his youth.
He has a few minutes to choose between two futures, two destinies. The rest of the story is known.

Indeed, R. Nurevey choose liberty and obtains the political wing. However, the Sovet Union sentenced him in absentia to seven years in prison for high treason. Nevertheless, Rudolf is free to dance around the world.

Dance career :

From 1962, Rudolf Nureyev danced for several years at the Royal Ballet, Covent Garden, London.Star of the Royal Ballet, Margot Fonteyn  (42 years old) will become his most beautiful partner. Both will form the most famous pair of the universe of classical dance.

Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev dance for the first time together « Giselle » on February 21, 1962. When the curtain falls that night, the audience is so amazed that there is a silence of a few moments before the applause, followed by 23 reminders.

In 1964 Rudolf Nureyev created his first swan-lake choreography for the State Opera of Vienna. In this ballet he interprets the role of the prince alongside Margot Fonteyn who interprets Odette and Odile. At the end of a performance, there are 89 curtain levies, a unique event in the history of ballet. It’s only in 1982 that Rudolf Nureyev becomes an Austrian citizen and is appointed an honorary member of the Vienna Opera.
As a matter of fact, Rudolf Nureyev performs on the stage of all major international companies. The star receives $ 7.9 million a year, the biggest stamp a dancer has ever received.


In the 1980s, Rudolf Nureyev danced regularly at the Paris Opera. He was appointed director of the ballet of the Opéra national de Paris from 1 September 1983 by Jack Lang, then Minister of Culture. Rudolf Nureyev held this position until 1989.

After many requests, he finally obtains from Gorbachev, at the end of 1989, a forty-eight-hour visa in Leningrad to see his mother. He returned to St. Petersburg for the first time, quoting Ossip Mandelstam’s verse: « Return to my city known to tears … » 29, to visit his dying mother.

Disease and death :

In 1984, when Rudolf Nureyev lost a lot of weight and suffered persistent fever, he underwent medical examinations and discovered that he had HIV (AIDS). For many years he denied the fact. When, by the year 1990, he became obviously ill, he courageously fought his disease without ceasing to dance. He tries several experimental treatments that do not slow the inevitable degeneration of his body. He appears emaciated and has more and more difficult to move.He must, however, face reality. At that time, his courage aroused the admiration of many of his detractors. His physical decay makes him suffer, but he continues to fight by showing himself in public. During his last public appearance on October 8, 1992, for the first of his production of La Bayadère at the Palais Garnier after Marius Petipa, the audience gave him a standing ovation.

Rudolf Nureyev died in a clinic in Levallois-Perret three months later, on 6 January 1993, at the age of 54 years. The presenter of the French television news channel, Christine Ockrent, made the announcement:

« From the beast he had a burning look and movements too. Powerful and shuddering, the Tatar prince, the lord of the dance, who fled the communists, Rudolf Nureyev died in Paris. He was only 54 years old. »

During the same show, Pierre Bergé, director of the Opéra National de Paris at the time, remarks:

« It’s great to have 19 out of 20. It’s very rare to have 20 out of 20. But to have 21 out of 20, it’s still much rarer. And that was the case of Nureyev. Rudolf Nureyev is the lord of dance, an unclassifiable dancer »


Tributes and Distinctions :
– Rudolf Nureyev was made a Knight of the Legion of Honor in 1988.
– On October 8, 1992, the then Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, awarded him the highest cultural award, making him Commander of the Arts and Letters.
– At the Opéra National de Paris, a « Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev » dance evening takes place every ten years. They took place on 20 January 2003 and 6 March 2013.

Video « The Nutcracker » :

Video (rare solo) : 


Harry Styles X Another Man

Throughout his career, Harry Styles, has remained somewhat shrouded in mystery: aside from the publicity that surrounds One Direction, he is surprisingly aloof. Now, he is embarking on a career of his own – as both an actor and a solo musician – and he has turned to Another Man to celebrate his independence.

Harry Edward Styles, thanks to this magazine, reveals to the world his role-models who inspired him to become the person he is today. Being in One Direction made him hide his true personality, that is to say, to look like the other members (like a perfect British boyband)- to please the fans.

“It became immediately apparent that there was so much more depth to him than to your regular boyband star, so we thought, let’s make it all about him.” said  Alister Mackie, founder of the magazine in 2005, and now its creative director. It led to an issue that revolves around Styles,  from three cover stories, each an immersion into a different facet of his persona, to an intimate archive of his personal memorabilia. Thus,  in one cover he looks a little punky. In another he’s a turtle-necked-1960s singer-songwriter. And in another he’s a long-haired-1970s rocker.


First of all, the team of Another Man travelled to Styles’ hometown of Cheshire with the famous photographer Alasdair McLellan. Indeed, they went to Harry’s school, the bakery he used to work in before XFactor and his favorite pub. During the interview, Styles revealed how he still finds peace in his childhood town with Paul McCartney. “My parents still live where I grew up so that’s one of the places for me where I feel like I disappear the most,” Harry says.The two singers then explained struggling with breaking off from a band and finding their own writing styles.



During the photoshoot, Styles visited Mackie’s Shoreditch studio to rifle through the book, this time filled with pop star portraits and ephemera, Mick Jagger and John Lydon, and copies of Oh Boy! – a seventies’ pop-meets-punk version of Smash Hits.


As a conclusion, this article is his way of drawing a line between Harry Styles: the guy from One Direction, and Harry Styles: the solo artist, and future actor. Indeed, Harry said “I’ve always wanted to explore but I was busy with the band so I never felt I had time to do it the right way. When we took some time off, I thought I’d see if it might work. It’s a challenge, but it feels good to be out of my comfort zone.”
In fact, the pop star is going to turn in the movie Dunkirk which will be realeased on July 21, 2017. Dunkirk focuses on World War II’s biggest rescue operation, the 1940 evacuation of some 338,000 Allied troops from the shores of Northern France after they were surrounded by Adolf Hitler’s invading Nazi forces. This movie is a sort of revival for him, to show the world a different aspect of his personality.



« La vie sans musique est tout simplement une erreur, une fatigue, un exil. » Friedrich Nietzsche

Au lieu de vous écrire un article sur des résolutions que je ne tiendrais pas, je préfère amplement commencer l’année en musique avec une playlist que j’entretiens depuis maintenant bien des semaines !

Comme d’habitude, j’écoute énormément de styles différent, de Gainsbourg à Nekfeu en passant par de l’acid et du rock; par conséquent vous devriez trouver votre petit bonheur !

Je suis consciente que les musiques ne plairont pas à tout le monde mais comme les genres sont divers et variés, c’est peut-être l’occasion de s’ouvrir à des sons que vous n’avez pas l’habitude de découvrir (et ça me fera très plaisir !)

SKRY – Looped circuit
(AIRMANN Remix) Serge Gainsbourg – Initials B.B
P-Lo & K Camp- I Might
(Chapeleiro Remix) – La Espanolita
(LDRU Remix) BROODS – Bridges
Aquarius Heaven – Universe (Original Mix)
Muse – Unintended
Nekfeu – Esquimaux
Ed Sheehan – Shape Of You
Rihanna – Goodnight Gotham
Jesper Jenset – Lies
Major Lazer, Moti, WizKid, Ty Dolla $ign – Boom
Snakeship, MO – Don’t Leave
Miley Cyrus – Jolene
PNL – Jusqu’au dernier gramme
Nekfeu – Squa
The Weekend – Rockin’
Seeb / NEEV – Breathe
Tom Rosenthal – It’s Ok
Bavoog Avers – Oubliez moi
Serge Gainsbourg – Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais
Lady Gaga – Grigio Girls
Hairspray – I can hear the bells
Britney Spears – Gimme more
Lana Del Rey – Freak
Ariana Grande – Tattooed heart
Noah Cyrus – Make me cry
Taylor Swift – All too well
Feder Ft. Alex Aiono – Lordly
Lana Del Rey – 24
The irrepressibles – In This Shirt
Niall Horan – This Town
Nekfeu – Saturne
Lana del Rey – Salvatore
The Weeknd – I feel it coming
Katy Perry – Rise
Zedd Ft Kesha – True colors
S-Crew – Nés pour mener
Lana Del Rey – Honeymoon
Selena Gomez – Feel me