19 things I learned by 19

On Wednesday the 5th of September, I turned 19 years old. Here’s what I learned so far.

1° Don’t let others tell you what’s right or wrong for you. You are the one who knows what makes you happy and what does not.
2° Your first-love may not be your life-long partner. And yes, it hurts like a motherfucker, but eventually, you’ll find someone who’ll take all the pain away, someone who’ll make you feel like home and who’ll love you in ways you never thought before. Change is not always a bad thing. It’s SO okay to miss something but not want it back.
3° Your way of thinking is not everyone’s way of thinking. You cannot expect everyone to understand you.
4° Cherish your family. They’re the ones who ALWAYS be there for you. Pay attention to their stories, take their advices, make sure to see them once in a while.
5° Some fights aren’t worth it. Don’t waste your time or your energy on something pointless. Focus on bigger issues.
6° Never let someone make you feel bad about your feelings. If you feel a certain way, you have your reasons. Your feelings are valid. Don’t let someone brainwash you into someone you’re not. Don’t accept someone’s behavior/worlds that you would not tolerate if it was someone else.
7° Stop taking everything so personally.
8° Don’t be too pride. Apologize if you know you made a mistake. Apologize if you hurt someone. Don’t let pride ruin your relationships.
9° Be grateful. Don’t take everything you have for granted. God knows nothing last forever.
10° Communication is key : explaining yourself to others can sometimes be scary and hard but-I swear-it is SO worth it. How can you expect someone to understand you if you’re not telling them what you are really feeling ?
11° Love is everything. You can achieve all your goals in life, you can end up astronaut or entrepreneur, you can be rich and live on a yacht, but if you’re not loved, all of this makes no sense. I’m not saying to give up on college, or your career for someone. All i’m trying to say is that you don’t have to make a choice between your career and the one you love. Both should get along.
12° The law of attraction f****** works. I believe in the great power of the universe. Spread positivity into the world and great things will come for you.
13° Be open-minded. Your opinion isn’t necessarily the truth. Keep learning.
14° Never let other people rush you into doing something that only impact yourself. You are the one who knows best when it’s time.
15° Stop comparing yourself to others. Take a break from Instagram or nay kind of social media from times to times and learn to appreciate what you already have whether it be your life, your body, your face or your relationships.
16° It’s okay to be selfish sometimes. You have to do what’s best for you. It’s fine not to go to a party and stay home.
17° Capital sins are what makes us human. You cannot be perfect.
18° Things can change dramatically in a year.
19° You only live once : get that tattoo.

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