Chunky, yet luxurious sneakers ?

Since Nike and Adidas transformed sports shoes into fashion accessories in the ’80s, sneakers have been all over the fashion industry. People are queuing for hours, even days to get the latest Yeezy. It’s a never-seen-before type of phenomenon. And now, it even reached luxurious brands. So, now, let me introduce to my top 3. (You’ll thank me later.)

#1 Balenciaga

Theses « dad shoes », as controversial as they may be, are a MUST right now (as well as all kinds of chunky shoes.)
The « Triple S » model is coming in various designs and colors, whether it be clear sole or trainers.

#2 Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton « Archlight » futuristic shoes are unique. You may love it or hate it, but you must admit the Archlight’s shape is interesting and nothing like you’ve seen before.

#3 Gucci

Gucci went viral earlier this year after debuting a pair of « dad shoe » shaped like hiking boots, covered in rows of removable crystals. The unconventionnal pair, named « Flashtrek » -and especially its font- is inspired by the video game « Sega »! And for the ones who aren’t much into street style, there are still the Gucci « Ace » sneakers, know to be worn by millennials (myself included.)

And you, are you into chunky, unconventional « dad shoes »?