Chanel Fashion Show Autumn-Winter 2017

#ChanelGroundControl. The hashtag printed on the invitations set the tone of what was going to be the next Chanel show. Karl Lagerfeld made a rocket take off under the glass roof of the Grand Palais for a Chanel fashion show strong in glitter, metallic surfaces and astronaut prints. Karl Lagerfeld seems to have been inspired by the spationaut Thomas Pesquet for the Chanel autumn-winter 2017-2018 fashion show, which was held Tuesday, March 7 in Paris, at the Grand Palais. From the launch center N ° 5, the guests were embarked on a one-way trip to the stars. Around an immense rocket, sixties babydolls with the appearance of pretty cosmonauts presented the pieces of the collection ready-to-wear autumn-winter 2017-2018 designed by Karl Lagerfeld.


Unlike the futuristic style of Courrèges or Cardin inspired in the 1960s by travels to the Moon, the models’ outfits were nothing revolutionary but managed to evoke the journey into space in full respect of the Chanel codes.The prints offer a space journey: patterns of cosmonauts passed on X-rays as well as skillfully polarized planets affixed on the muslin of an evening gown or on the fine mesh of a sweater round collar. Quilted and enveloping sets, stoles, also padded and iridescent, like survival covers were wrapped around the models.


And for the classicists, there were essence-of-Chanel tweed suits aplenty, albeit worn over strange little tweed shorts. What’s not to love about an impeccably cut ivory wool pea-coat (for most Chanel clients, that means it will be a perfect fit) or a black mohair jacket piped in white? The closer you looked (tricky as Chanel’s grand spectacles place even the front row some distance from the action), the more there was for Chanel aficionados to wear.


The winter bermuda takes advantage of all this fleece to make a remarkable return; Quilted, leather, tweed, under skirts, suits, associated with glittery tights … It creeps in everywhere, imposes itself like the neo-skirt and matches perfectly with the high boots almost completely covered with glitter. Black tips and heels, declined in gray, pink and gold pay tribute to the iconic Chanel pump shoes; a tribute that is not surprising as the brand celebrates its sixtieth anniversary this year. A small step for some, a big step for the fashion sphere. The pivotal modernity might have been the twist done to stand-up collars, or pencil skirts which were turned into minidresses.

Vanessa Paradis and her daughter Lily-Rose Depp responded favorably to the invitation as well as her first-class neighbors Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams, but also actresses Clotilde Hesme, Elodie Bouchez (seen at the beginning of the Fashion Week at the Saint Laurent fashion show), Karidja Touré, Ludivine Sagnier, Marie-Ange Casta and Mathilde Warnier, and the director Sofia Coppola. Models Alice Dellal, Audrey Marnay, Caroline Maigret, Erin Wasson and Lottie Moss, and singers Lily Allen and Rita Ora completed the prestigious list of guests at the Chanel “take-off center”.

The Chanel Fashion Show was Cara’s first proper public appearence of her newly platinum blonde hair- a big moment, I think we can all agree. Proving her inimitable sense of personal style is as keen as ever, Delevingne is cleverly juxtaposing Supreme shorts (the stuff of teen boys’ dreams) with a prim Chanel cardigan and slack white trousers.



10 things about Chanel Fashion Show.

Après la manifestation féministe, le supermarché et le jardin, Karl Lagerfeld a choisi d’organiser son défilé dans une brasserie, baptisée Gabrielle comme le prénom de la fondatrice de la maison de couture Chanel. Dans cet article je vais tout simplement vous faire un résumé de ce qu’il s’est alors passé.

N°1 : Je commence bien sur par l’invitation. Encore une fois Karl Lagerfeld a su mettre le paquet. L’invitation est originale et représente symboliquement la France et notamment Paris.
B_uZK3nU8AAOP6H-1N°2 :  Baptiste Giabiconi (portant une chemise blanche, un gilet et un noeud papillon) était le barman du Grand Palais. Il a d’ailleurs eu la chance d’embrasser le mannequin Cara Delevingne (s’il vous plaît!) et kendall. chanel-baptiste rexfeatures-4514867wN°3 : Les détails de la salle étaient éblouissants. Commençons par la nourriture comme dans une réelle brasserie, les tables, les assiettes signées Chanel, et le meilleur pour la fin : la salle. la_brasserie_gabrielle_de_chanel_en_paris_fashion_week_6897_620x868465751180N°4 : Le fait que les mannequins Cara et Kendall se sont mises à la fin du défilé sur les tabourets du bar pour tranquillement parler au serveur et prendre un verre. rexfeatures-4514867yN°5 : Cara Delevigne, cheveux plaqués et sourcils noirs, a ouvert ET fermé le défilé. KIM_0053cdpfwchanel N°6 : Kendall, resplendissante dans la nouvelle collection. Chanel-RF15-0037 kendall-jenner--a N°7 : La nouvelle collection était magnifique encore une fois. Karl ressort les robes et les manteaux. Il varie les matières et les formes associant moderne et classique. La collection est raffinée et élégante. gallery_nrm_1425988675-465753604 chanel_glamour_10mar15_getty_b_1080x720N°8 : Les backstages avec Cara et Kendall. Screen-shot-2015-03-10-at-10.35.20N°9 : Les invités comme Pharell, Poppy Delevingne, Cramen Kaas, Miroslava Duma, Florence Welsh du groupe Florence and The Machine…

Jerome Jarre était également aux côtés de Cara lors des backstages (quelle chance!)

N°10 : La cadeau de Karl à Kris Jenner ( so adorable) resizeDe plus, je voudrais remercier snapchat pour nous faire partager ce genre d’événements.
L’article est terminé, j’espère qu’il vous aura plu! N’hésiter pas à me dire quel défilé de la FW vous avez préféré!